Our mission is to build & resource customized 
transportation solutions for market disruptors.

SPT Holdings is an asset holding company for multiple transportation subsidiaries. We collaborate with the largest, most advanced companies, helping them manage the accelerated demand for e-commerce delivery and freight transportation.


Founded in 2011, we’ve established a sizeable fleet and delivery network that provides services for large online retailers and shippers such as Amazon & FedEx and created new jobs for hundreds of employees.


Our top-tier management team with over 70 years of aggregate experience and world-class operators provide customized transportation solutions and work closely with our customers to maximize supply chain opportunities.

Sep. 2013

Became Largest US FedEx Contractor

Apr. 2015

Purchased BAC Enterprises

Truck driver Jobs
Jan. 2011

Incorporated & Purchased FedEx Last Mile Lanes

Mar. 2016

Piloted Amazons LSP Program & Acquired WADE Transport Company.

Jan. 2018

Cheetah Partnership Launched & HQ moved to Kirkland, WA.

July 2019

“DDU Amazon”
Program & Airport KSEA lanes

Sep. 2020

Launched Cross Docs in Spokane & Kennewick



Matthew Pabon | CEO

Matthew is an entrepreneur with fifteen years in the transportation & logistics industry. He has found success by upholding the highest standards while developing innovative business solutions. 

Doug Durst, CPA, MBA | CFOO

Doug has Twenty years of experience in finance and operations leadership roles with startups, mid-sized and public companies. Including aerospace, manufacturing & distribution, and logistics.

Kris Wylie, CDS | Safety Director

Kris is a wealth of industry knowledge as well as an expert in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations.

John Dries | Fleet Director

John has over seventeen years of operational experience in trucking. He has worked with some of the largest companies in America.

Spencer Hirst | Brand Director

Spencer has over eighteen years of leadership experience. His focus is to transform culture by influencing teams to embrace the habits that cultivate excellence.

Jon Livingston | Recruiting Manager

Jon has over fifteen years of experience in logistics and trucking. He specializes in recruiting Non-CDL and Class A CDL Drivers.

Michelle Vicol | Sr. Operations Manager

Michelle oversees our Roman Freight Lines operations across the west coast. She is crucial to our relationship with Amazon.

Rebecca Graham  |  Operations Manager

Rebecca oversees our Wade Transportation operations across the west coast. She is crucial to our relationship with FedEx.