Our mission is to build & resource customized
transportation solutions for market disruptors.

At SPT, you are more than a driver.  We are mobilizing a new era of drivers for the E-commerce revolution.  As technology continues to accelerate & our industry evolves, we provide our team with opportunities to fuel their future.


Truck Driver is the most common job in America, & our economy is dependent on their work. By 2020, nearly $850

Billion will be spent on trucking service to move over $12 trillion worth of goods.
Trucking accounts for 82% of total dollars spent moving freight.

SPT Holdings is a values-driven organization. We prioritize our ability to sharpen the behaviors that create an enduring culture. These values are the guiding principles that help us to focus, engage, & recognize people that embody & serve our mission.



We are bold & authentic, inspiring those around us with passion & commitment.  We establish trust & gain influence by building relationships & always striving for excellence.



We are a No Ego Zone; transcend your role & exceed expectations. We speak candidly, welcome critiques & learn from our mistakes. We attack obstacles head-on, with a solutions-oriented approach to problem-solving. We recognize our strengths & weaknesses while striving to focus on where we add maximum value.



We are entrepreneurial-minded, optimistic, fearless, & driven. We aim to raise the bar continually, & we have fun doing it. We take calculated risks & capitalize on opportunities to win.



We have a high capacity for fast-paced decision making. We set ambitious goals & challenge ourselves to level up.  We use tactical precision & don't confuse activity for progress.



We have seen how adversity creates opportunity; Consequently, we value agility & flexibility so that we can respond to the dynamic needs of our clients.



Change is inevitable, and our industry is accelerating faster than ever. We invest in solutions that make us futureproof. We encourage differing perspectives and collaborate to design simple solutions for complex problems.



We recognize the hard work that goes into reaching our goals & milestones.  We take pride in our performance & celebrate our successes.