Our mission is to build & resource customized
transportation solutions for market disruptors.

We are for CHANGE that drives our indutry forward.

It is the one thing about SPT that will always stay the same.

We focus relentlessly on strategic growth & diversification; we do not chase near-sighted profits. We act with urgency but prioritize long-term investments with a lean culture. We minimizes waste to increase profits & never confuse activity for progress.

At SPT, you are more than a driver.  We are mobilizing a new era of drivers for the E-commerce revolution.  As technology continues to accelerate & our industry evolves, we provide our team with opportunities to fuel their future.


Truck Driver is the most common job in America, & our economy is dependent on their work. By 2022, nearly $1

trillion will be spent on trucking service to move over $13 trillion worth of goods.
Trucking accounts for 82% of total dollars spent moving freight.